Podiatrist San Antonio Texas ESWT or extracorporeal shockwave therapy for the treatment of heel pain - Dr. Ed Davis, San Antonio Podiatrist

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Sean Valjean

How interesting that heel pain can be treated with eswt. I had heard of it being used to break up kidney stones but I never considered that it might be used to help relieve pain in the feet. This sounds really great.

Suzy Frame

This is super interesting! My mom has been having heel pain and I have been looking into different treatments available for her! I think this blog with help me find some of those! Can you tell me where to find more like this? Thanks!


I recently heard about eswt treatments from a podiatrist in Lake in the Hills, and it sounded really interesting. This article did a good job breaking it down, and I have to say, the pros are really compelling. Here's hoping for more advancements like this.

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